1. I do. It was in the little holder for plastic bags in the kitchen. Unfortunately, no receipt. :confused1:
    Thanks for the compliment on packing. I feel like it's my packing tour de force. LOL!
    I'm really happy with the W+W wrap. Like you I would defintiely want another one day.
    I'm sooooo excited about your SO Kellys!!! Hermes is a black box to me but I see so many beautiful bags. I love the Kelly and have been warming to the Birkin. But I also like a lot of the others. Do you know what direction you'd like to take with your next K?

    Remind me, are you an SLG person in general? Or is this a passing fancy? I'm not an SLG girl but every now and then I get a craving. :smile:
    It seems like you really love the Prada. So maybe you can make it work. Perhaps carry it on days when you have a second bag like a tote?
    The purple Chanel is the Lion single flap. I like it because it's different from what I have. But like I said, it would have been a very bad purchase for me. :-s I was motivated mainly because the price is great. Never a good (sole) reason to consider a bag. :no:


    In the morning I fly to my hometown for DD's graduation ceremonies on Fri & Sat. I'm sooo excited!!! :yahoo: Brazen Mommie brag moment: DD is graduating Summa Cum Laude and landed 3 job offers in her chosen field. I'm very proud of my little one. She's a dynamo! It's so funny because as a baby she was the shyest child. Now she's an outgoing ball of energy.

    It will also be soooooo good to see my extended family as well. Happy times. :amuse:

    But to the important things. :lol: Two ceremonies means two handbags. And I have casual down time both days - so that means 3 handbags for a 2 day trip. Right?:graucho:
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  2. You are so right, they did have some gorgeous colors. I'm going to try a different strap I bought and see if that helps me to carry mine. Thank you on the Coach pieces.
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  3. Cute tote and I love the shoes!
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  4. Yep, 3! Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. She sounds like she has a very promising future. Don't you leave right after on your vacation? Are you going to post pictures so we can enjoy also?
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  5. These shoes!!! :faint: :heart:
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  6. Aww, thanks for the kind words ksuromax! :hugs:

    Thank you bakeacookie, my husband has always been my best bag enabler! :happydance:
    Thanks papertiger - my DH has always had a great sense of humour! :lol:

    Thank you Pessie. I love this colour with GHW on this particular bag, too! :love:

    Thanks dcooney4, I agree - Etain is a wonderful neutral and is coordinating well with my wardrobe, so far! :yes:

    Thank you So much Mimmy! :hbeat:
  7. I know, i remember it!! Sooo lush puddle of leather in the passenger seat... :love:
  8. Thanks vink, I am very appreciative of my DH and his support of my bag collection. :biggrin:

    You are very kind - thank you Hobbsy. :flowers:

    Thanks Sparkletastic, I appreciate your thoughtful comments! :girlsigh:

    Stellar packing job - I admire your packing skills!

    Thanks ElainePG, I am enjoying taking her everywhere! ;)
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  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    BV, cervo (deerskin), hobo, indeed all around winning deal! :angel:
    thank you, Elaine! :ty: it needs a bit of refreshing clean up, but she is really great and i already see her adorned with my new (AUTHENTIC!!!!) AMcQ scarf!!! :biggrin:
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  10. It's a great place to be ;)
    thank you :ty:
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  11. Thank you msd_bags for your sweet comments, I am very happy with my Bolide. I hope you add one to your collection, they are beautiful! I agree with you, after 25 years together my DH still knows how to make laugh and how to spoil me! :giggle:

    Dear tenKrat, thank you for reinforcing that I didn't need to follow my natural tendency to choose black! :tup::yes:

    You look lovely and I like your McQueen!
  12. Thank you eggtartapproved, I love this bag in Etain!

    Great clutches - the Aldo beaded clutch is awesome!

    Love both of these, so pretty!

    Great selection, that tiny beaded bag is lovely!

    What a cool looking bag!
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  13. If you'll get it just for the price, Don't.

    Congrats on DD graduation! I'm in awe! And yay for the coming trip! ;)
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  14. Your Bamboo GP is total eye candy! :drool:

    Your bag collection is stunning - the patchwork vintage bag is amazing! Your bag storage closet is like a museum of gorgeous artifacts! How do you choose which bag to wear everyday?

    I am a fan of red bags and the colour on this one is perfect!

    Way to stay strong!

    Great embellished bags!

    It's a gorgeous bag in a style you love. Wow, 70% off - your shopping skills are fierce!:yahoo:
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  15. Happy belated birthday! Congratulations on your SO Kellys!

    +1, took the words out of my mouth!

    Congratulations to both you and your daughter- outstanding accomplishments. Have a wonderful trip with your DD!
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