1. Love the third to pair it!
  2. I like a little much pink with C16 et S16 mixed up but I try to wear it rather casually. IMG_1495169171.830265.jpg
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  3. I like the first as color, but I think it should be a bit more close fitted as the jacket is boxy.
    I would wear it with beige in silk, lace or satin to play with the tweed of the jacket
    Some examples
    How do you feel about these?
  4. Oh, Zaraha, thank you
    I love it PQP the shoes are perfect with the pink!
  5. I like the pink on you. Looks beautiful.
  6. So pretty and elegant for spring, PqP.
  7. This is a very chic look PBP
  8. Gorgeous mix of hermès and Chanel
  9. Thank you ladies
  10. I did try this jacket both in pink and white and it looked awful on me. On Pocketbook Pup looks like completely different cut!
    It is beautiful on you PP, and looks really elegant with that skirt!
    Yes, this dress is very very elegant! Another great look PP!
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  11. IMG_1495227276.763149.jpg

    You girls convinced me on this one! A birthday gift to me from me :smile:
  12. Looks awesome. Happy birthday !! I prefer the white :smile:
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  13. Love it! The outfit is great with your shoes too!
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  14. Funny. I thought I wanted the white initially, and then I tried it on lol! It looked awful on me. Black always works for me.