1. Thank you!. I don't have a shoulder strap yet, but after I posted a question on this thread: Can I turn this Into A Crossbody Bag I got the tip to try a strap from Mautto . I've ordered 2 but they have not arrived yet. Keep an eye on that thread, I'll post mod shots with my Speedy and Duomo as a cross body when I get the straps. Since I wasn't sure how it would turn out, I thought I'd try this option first before I invested in an actual leather matched strap from LV. In fact, it may make me want to get a Speedy 30B. So we'll see.
  2. Can you please tell me which strap you ordered for your DA?
  3. Ready for work.
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  4. Took off today ️

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  7. THX for the info. I previously owned the mono speedy b 30 and it was too big on me. I'm petite and I also carry very little in my bags. Children are married and out of house so my days of carrying things for them are long gone. I sold my speedy and the girl who bought it didn't want the shoulder strap. Imagine that. I purchased the speedy b damier ebene in 25 and have loved it. Perfect size for me and I have not had problems with the opening. Now I'm trying to decide on the azur or mono. Thinking of azur, as not sure I want it as flashy as mono but do I buy the azur in regular speedy and attach the strap I already own or do I purchase the speedy b. I don't want to damage the bag. Sooo many decisions. If only this was the hardest decision I had to make in life, life would be great. Haha
  8. Thanks!
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  10. They never understand, my husband will use the same wallet until he dies.
  11. Thanks
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  12. you look frickin fabulous ;)
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