1. IMG_0197.JPG
    Love my pendant
  2. IMG_1494967345.972912.jpg
    Freshwater pearl strands; David Yurman chains; Majorca pearl drop; thin CZ bangle.
  3. J. Crew cuff and Chocolate and Steel "Loved" necklace in partnership with One Simple Wish on my Bulgari card case:
  4. IMG_1495058572.885688.jpg
    My new Cartier bracelets from my DH.
  5. Only diamond stud earrings
  6. Had to get up early today, so I couldn't try any harder than this.
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  7. A little layering. Eddie Borgo and my new evil eye bracelet.20170314_125112.jpg
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  8. Simple gold hoops & diamond studs & watch. Working outside & with the heat, too much sweat for jewelry.
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  9. Beautiful earrings and I ️ your wedding band. It's TDF!
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  10. You look so glamorous, love the layering
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  11. What a beautiful little gem you have there. It's the perfect size and it really pops. It's a great piece
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  12. :heart:
  13. Amethyst geode ring I got off Etsy a few years back.

    IMG_2102.JPG IMG_2103.JPG IMG_2104.JPG
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  14. IMG_1495223272.170109.jpg
    #blessingsindisguise #wearyourblessings #jamjewels #barse
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