1. Ok. Thanks!
  2. Forgot to mention...checked on Dark Denim Rogue...not on list for sale. Funny - it has been around why wouldn't it be? Sometimes hard to know how they make their decisions.
  3. I was at my favorite Coach store with Fellow Coachy Friend!!
    ASM told us that Presale stars tomorrow for people who got post card but if you come into the store, you can shop the sale as well.
    Wall and counter set up. Large Brooklyn 40% off. Nomads 40% off. Some Rogues..Saddle regular size and Dinky Crossbody plus Black Tea Rose (pink lining) Rogue 25.(40% off)
    A few other Rogues that I was hoping would be on sale ..Were not.

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  4. I haven't gotten a card (at least not yet) but I am going to call or text my SA in the morning to see if I can come in after work. Is everything 40% off? Have been interested in the Large Market Tote, but if something 1941 catches my eye and is on sale under my threshold, I could be swayed...
  5. Hi, I was told when I called (before l went in to store) that some Rogues we're 30% and some were 40% not sure of the rest of the 1941 bags..Also not sure about Market Totes.
    ASM had the list when I was at the store and I asked about the bags I was interested in.
  6. They have stuff listed under early access sale but everything is full price. Is that because I don't have a code?
  7. Where do you see early access?
  8. Stumbled on to it while searching site. Everything still listed as full price though. There are 3 boroughs too which is strange.
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  9. Same here.
  10. Under sale?
  11. No. I clicked on bags (view all) and you'll see some bags/colors that were removed from the site or some bags currently on the site are on sale too. Once you click on the bag in the sub-navigation it will read "sale, early access sale, women". Example: click on the genuine snake swagger. You'll see the sub-navigation links, from there you can click on "early access sale" and it'll take you to the page with all the women's items but no sale prices.
  12. Thanks! Figured it out and looks like many of the items I see there were in the store I went to yesterday. Still cannot figure out who actually go the cards in the mail!
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  14. Luckily there's only a few items I'm interested in but don't feel I have to have them. I'd like a wallet to go with my Azure rogue and possibly one of the green saddle bags.
  15. Just curious...anyone go in that has code to see pricing?