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    It feels like a punch in the gut. He had one of the best rock voices (imho). I heard on the local rock station that his wife felt something was off after the show and asked some friends to break into the hotel room. That is who found him. So sad. I hope there is some local remembrance event here...I will go too that.
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  4. I remember listening to Soundgarden and Temple of The Dog in your kitchen last year, @jburgh

    I'm sure there will be some kind of memorial planned for Seattle. Probably at the EMP or whatever they're calling it now.
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  5. I don't consider myself a very spiritual person, so I've never really given a lot of thought to a spirit animal. But I adore crows. I love the way they understand facial recognition and pass that information down to the next generation. So if you get on the bad side of a crow you're on the bad side of the next gen as well. :lol: Sadly I had to leave my crows behind when we moved, I fed them daily (much to the rage of some of my less animal-inclined neighbours). They would be at the fence within minutes of me showing up in the yard...but in the new neighbourhood we have red-winged blackbirds, Stellars Jays, bald eagles, Canada geese, rabbits, beavers, herons...I guess I can't complain :heart::heart::heart: oh, and a few crows too...
  6. Have you moved to (where you told me you were looking to move to) already or are you in limbo waiting to build there?
  7. crows are very smart, is your new place too far from the old one? They might find you one day...
  8. Currently traveling in Asia. Two major reveals when I get home.
  9. I cannot post a new thread yet but this happened to my poor bag and the tear just gets bigger & bigger :sad: I'm so scared of taking it to a cobbler just in case they are going to ruin it. I love this bag soooo much. Really hoping it can be fixed. Has this happen to anyone else ?
  10. Bedford Landing in Fort Langley. Right by 8 acres of wetlands so lots of animal activity. We've purchased land in Kaleden in the interior but it'll be awhile before we start building there...but next spring we start clearing to get the grapevines in!
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  11. They'd have to go a good distance from the local rookeries so I doubt it, we're too far away...
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  12. I grew up out there. We can plan a coffee/wine/tea date out there any Wednesday. :flowers:
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  13. If you are in the area of a Bottega Veneta boutique, I highly recommend you take it there. If not, Modern Leather in NYC repairs Bottega Veneta bags, check out their web site for how to proceed.
  14. Thanks, getting one daughter moved from UBC to her first apartment in Kits over the next week or two but after that, you have a date! :drinks:. We really need a wine icon!
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  15. I am seriously jealous here :annoyed: