1. Here are more pictures.
    20170517_115659.jpg20170517_115800.jpg20170517_115837 - Copy.jpg20170517_115856.jpg20170517_115905 - Copy.jpg20170517_115938.jpg20170517_120013.jpg20170517_120038.jpg20170517_115635.jpg20170517_115440.jpg
  2. You are a gem- thank you!!!
  3. Can anyone help to authenticate this please?
  4. More pics
  5. Hello.
    Hello! Just bought this gucci bag from a friend with no dust bag nor tags and cards. Bought if 2nd hand but a bit hesitant if it is authentic or not. Could you please help me? Big thanks ☺️
  6. No red flags but pics insufficient (see post 1 & 2)
  7. Looks good
  8. looks good
  9. Thank you GhstDreamer!
  10. Thank you love!
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    Item Name (if you know it): Gucci Marmont mini leather bag
    Link (if available): Sorry no
    Seller: fashionshophop (eBay)
    Who took the pictures: it was me
    History of the bag: i bought it, sold out everywhere
    Comments: please please authenticate it for me. Thank you, i do got a copy of the receipt from matches fashion
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