1. Yes, they are so lovely, I love all the colours, too :flowers:
  2. Club Monaco Ellayna Trench coat in Seaweed Green! 25%off!
  3. @skyqueen
    ^^^ Won't be me. :biggrin: I'm, vicariously, living the life through you! :cool:
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  4. Red Bull, pack of gum and a ouija board mints.
  5. Another etsy bag. I'm 100% banned from buying bags now. Done, done, done!! I also bought some clothes from NR and Nordstrom but having second thoughts on the dress I bought at the latter store. Might end up returning it when I get the opportunity. :3
  6. Baby stuff, haha. Almost always baby stuff. What specifically....baby moccasins and Chick fil a sandwich, probably.