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  1. Anyone know when there will be second cut for Asia- pacific site. TIA
  2. Probably next week at the earliest.
    If it was two weeks after it started it would be end of this week but they tend to do the second cut at the beginning of a week.
  3. Asia pacific site second cut has started. Not much has been reduced though. A few things that are sold out on my wish list had slight further reductions but nothing currently on it. Doesn't seem to be as good of a cut as usual...
  4. Any promo codes? TIA!
  5. The sale is on there won't be any promo codes until right at the end when they have 20% off very selected sale stock.
  6. Ah, got it. Thank you for your reply. Very helpful. I haven't ordered from nap before and was wondering how they go about with sales, promo codes etc.
    I'm eyeing an item on sale...maybe I should just go for it.
  7. I think it's the last week of the sale they they do the extra 20% off code but not much is included, they exclude most items it can only be applied to very selected items. So if it's something you really want I'd go for it if it's low stock.
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  8. Some items are further discounted today but not significantly.
  9. Does any one know if NAP will do 15% code again this year? :smile:
  10. Bump!

    We should be getting pretty close to sale time for NAP, right? :noworry:
  11. Yep! The private sale already started with PS Dept. unfortunately with taxes and their 8% fee on top, the savings are only 25%
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  12. Net-a-Porter Asia Pacific (Aus) offering 25% off - no code. I believe it's linked to your account.

    Excludes items labeled ‘New Season’, ‘New Designer’, ‘Essentials’ and ‘Fine Jewelry’. Discount will be automatically applied at checkout and is valid on our Asia Pacific site until 23.59 HKT on May 22, 2017. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  13. Hi, this does apply to New Zealand as well? I am not seeing the discount.
  14. It would be tied to your account. If you're eligible they will have sent an email. The discount only appears when you go through check out to the payment page.
  15. The NAP private sale (the 25%) in the US already happened; as someone else noted it's now VIP sale time which is just ending; time for the public sale!!
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