1. I've been obsessing over the gorgeous Rene Caovilla sandals (around 4 inches heels) - my only concerns are that they look so very delicate, the tiny straps, the crystals. I do walk around in the city and I don't know how they will hold up? do the crystals fall out easily?

    Also, I don't think they have matching vibrams for the glitter soles, no? How do you maintain the soles?

    Thank you so much ladies!
  2. Bumpity bump! They are on sale! Should I take the plunge - would love your opinion!
  3. Yes, too delicate. My sole broke after wearing them for such a short space of time. Such gorgeous looking shoes though. Very disheartening. Not worth it. Waste of money indeed.
  4. I have a pair of 105MM glitter sole RC shoes (all crystals). The glitter holds up well indoors, but like anything will fade on concrete. The crystals are holding up better so far than expected (I've worn them just twice though)! I love mine, favorite shoes ever.
  5. Will never purchase Rene Caovilla again more especially because their head office in Italy provides very poor customer service. Cheap quality shoes and not worth the price. Don't be fooled by the exterior.
    In any event, my Sergio Rossi is the BEST:smile:
  6. I have to respectfully disagree. IMO no one makes more gorgeous shoes on this planet but like anything else you have to judge them for what they are and IMO they are planned obsolescence to a point. They're not meant to be lived in and they can sustain limited mileage. They're IMO one of the highest levels of occasion dressing footwear for a very specific lifestyle which addresses those who (with slight exaggeration) wouldn't be caught dead in the same footwear twice and aren't doing extensive walking in them, dancing, maybe. All the above is strictly my opinion.

    Sorry to hear about your customer service experience with Caovilla. That's disappointing. (BTW Sergio Rossi was always a fave of mine too!)
  7. Glad for you:smile: Yes, unfortunately due to Rene Caovilla's really poor customer service and quality I won't be purchasing another pair of their shoes. I was actually told by the manufacturer that "they can only assist the finer customer"... yes very bad experience hence I am totally put off RC.
    TC & have fun!