1. Hi! Late last night I was on farfetch when the Givenchy sale launched. I scored a black goatskin small antigona for $1328. Only thing is, they put my order on hold because there was a slight hiccup with the online picture! It turns out the boutique was selling a black patent antigona. The rep is requesting pictures from the boutique before they ship my order to confirm if I want it or not. So I'm not 100% sure if this is even the right bag they're referring to, but I have a feeling it is..

    Question is! Would you keep this antigona for $1328 or just buy the classic matte goatskin?
    patent antigona.jpeg
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  2. I'd personally wait for the matte

  3. Thinking the same.. I just bought it full price at Nordstrom two weeks ago so I was going to return it since I thought I got a deal I've never seen the classic black goat go on sale before.. Actually I think ssense had it last year.
  4. Oh this one is really shiny! I have never seen this bag IRL though but I still find it too shiny for me. It really depends if you will use this bag or not!
    I see a mini black one on sale for 1050 USD!

    And I am not sure either if the classic black will be on sale.

    Hopefully I won't have this issue with the bag I ordered yesterday :O
  5. Yeah I'm not a huge shiny fan either haha.

    Which one did you order? :smile:
  6. Haha I vote for regular goat!

    I ordered the taupe / mastic medium Antigona! :biggrin:

    I have a medium black already but I wanted a lighter color for summer time haha :angel:
  7. yeah, I'm just going to keep the one from Nordstrom. I do remember ssense putting thr black goat on sale for a bit cheaper though. They have the best sales ‍♀️

    Oooh! I saw that one on far fetch too haha! Funny because I ordered the same color but in the small size. So we're kind of twinning
  8. haha! awesome :p

    I find the small antigona too small :p I was debating between a croc embossed but I thought regular goat was better (I wasn't too too convinced with the different croc/leather pattern and the smaller size of the bag).

    Do you mind sharing which boutique was selling the bag? :O
  9. the small is one of my biggest bags bahah. To me my Juno is already pushing it size wise.

    Yeah, I think you made the right choice! Mastic is a really pretty color.

    UNITED LEGEND FEMME MULHOUSE. I don't think you're going to have an issue with you order. Did it ship already?
  10. I actually like the glazed one. Someone else posted her's a couple months ago, and it looked amazing ( https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/glossed-textured-antigona.961986/ )

    Farfetch seems to be having the best sale thus far [no duties or tax (which is almost 9% here)....and most items are 40% off while Barneys and Saks are only at 30%].

    I can't resist sale Givenchy and went a lil antigona crazy. I got 2 minis (classic black goat and the glazed burgundy/oxblood) and 1 small in the classic black goat. Normally, I like to wait til second cut, but I figured these were pretty classic colors which likely wouldn't make it to a second markdown.
  11. You ordered the classic small black in goat too? Can I ask if yours shipped yet? Only asking because if it still says order in review it might have the same issue as mine ‍♀️
  12. Well on the plus side, my Nordstrom presale wishlist items are actually going on sale! Just got the call from my SA. Nordstrom is offering 40% off Givenchy..don't know why Saks and Barneys are only offering 30% off. Cant' wait to pick her up tuesday!
    FullSizeRender 3.jpg
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  13. Hi there, what's the name of this givenchy bag? Do you happen to have the style number? Thank you for your help!!
  14. Hi! It's the pandora box. It's not online in this color, but I think there's one left at the Brea location. I'd call asap if you're interested! It might have been pulled for another customer for presale.
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  15. Yes-mine shipped and should arrive tomorrow. I wasn't notified of any problems, so I can only assume I'll be receiving the small black goat. However, I'd be happy with the glazed/glossed version as well....so we'll see when the package arrives. I'll try to post a pic once all my Farfetch finds are delivered.