1. Item: Small vertical bi-cabas
    Listing Number: n/a
    Seller: carol chan
    Link: closed facebook group in HK
    Comments: sold on private group on facebook. Please see pictures for post.
  3. Item: celine mini belt bag black
    Listing: n/a
    Seller: private seller on fb philippines

    Hi im new here,can you help me with my celine mini belt bag. I got this bag few weeks ago,the lining was cream suede.i dont see any black belt bag in the net with cream interior.please help me authenticate thanks
    It doesnt have any barcode sticker on tag,the seller told me that it was purchased as staff sale,so that theres no any sticker.thank u
  4. Hi can you please help me thanks
  5. Thank you so much authenticators for using your valuable time to help us!
    I first posted this on #11401, but then I also managed to get photos of the zipper imprint from the seller, but she told me that there is no serial number tag in the small vertical bi-cabas.
    I thought I would post again here since I had them!

    Really appreciate your help in authenticating for us ladies :smile:

    18575278_800205068827_657827398_o.jpg 18553873_800205048867_466148928_o.jpg
  6. How can i get the link? I just purchased the bag om facebook.thanks
  7. How can i get the link? Thanks
  8. Please help - Is this is an authentic Celine bag or fake?? (part 3 - Details)
    Item: Celine Micro Luggage Tote
    Listing Number:
    Seller: eBay - 322512426126

    Comments: Authenticators - please help as soon as possible and tell me is this bag authentic or a fake (see prior posts part 1 & part 2 for detailed pics) Thanks so much :smile:
  9. Hi can you please help me with my celine mini belt black,i just purchased this bag at facebook,i just want to know if i got the celine,just noticed that the lining ofmy bag was cream suede,but it was actually black exterior.and theres no sticker bar code on tag,the seller told me that it was purchased as staff sale,is there such a thing called staff sale? Thank you
  10. item: celine mini belt bag black grained
    Listing: n/a
    Seller: facebook seller philippines
  11. Additional photos
  12. Hi Unoma,

    I finally got better photos from the seller of the zipper marking. The seller got a bit defensive towards the end stating that if I am questioning authenticity I should not purchase. Honestly, he/she needs to understand that as buyers, we are paying a lot of money for these items, and we have the right to further research these claimed "authentic" items.... ugh frustrating...sorry lol end rant.

    I have pasted my info from initial post for reference below:

    Item: Celine Horizontal Cabas Grained Calfskin Black
    Seller: cuband313
    Listing /Item Number: 132189244486
    Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/132189244486?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT

    Thank you, Unoma!
    zippermarking1.jpgzippermarking2.jpgzippermarking3.jpgserial number.jpgzipper.jpg