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    I just received it today. My thin love bracelet in rose gold. I'll only wear it with the classic bracelet. I'm loving it
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  3. Beautiful! Looks great together!
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  4. Has anyone had their love bracelet insured? I'm looking for a very good jewelry insurance company. Received a quote from my home owners insurance. Now looking for another quote.
  5. It looks great on you! Loving your collection so far.
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  6. Congrats!!
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  7. I have liberty mutual I'm not sure how great they are I've thankfully have never had a claim with them. But I know Allstate is really good.
  8. Where are you based? I use TH March for jewellery insurance but I'm in the UK
  9. Thank you!!!
  10. I'm based in the US.
  11. I'm in the US and have a personal articles policy for my jewelry with Travelers insurance. A few months ago I lost one of my Love bracelets and they paid the claim within ten days. The agent didn't interrogate me nor make me jump through hoops to settle. I was paid for the full amount the bracelet cost when I purchased it in 2012.
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  12. I'm sorry you lost one of your love bracelets. Now more than ever I will definitely get insurance. Thank you for your help.
  13. Congrats, looks great on you!
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  14. Random question but does anyone follow any Instagramers with a nice cartier collection?
  15. Yes I do

    Bb10blue (I know she's a member here, that's how I found her)
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