1. I'm in total awe of your collection. Especially the Jumbos :heart::heart::heart:
    You're not into M/L flaps, or minis?
  2. Thank you! That means a lot coming from someone who is an encyclopedia of Chanel.

    I like M/Ls quite a bit, but I tend to prefer the more unique patterns and fabrications in that size since it is the perfect day to night size. A lot of the older bags at the beginning of my thread are M/L. The camellia stitched bags are especially beautiful. I also really like the metallic bags in M/L.

    Minis are tough for me. A lot of the Sparkle Beauty bags are similar in size to minis. My issue with the classic quilted mini is the chain length, both the square and rectangular. It just doesn't sit right with my height and body proportions and the minis look best crossbody. They don't really work as a shoulder bag which is my preferred carry method unless it is a WOC which is my ideal crossbody. The WOC just fits me better.
  3. By far not an encyclopedia of anything :lol:, you're too kind.

    I have seen your mediums and they are absolutely unique and pretty, but I guess your endless rainbow of Jumbos made me even forget my name for one moment, leave alone the medium flaps, lol.
    Do you have all your bags on display in a room? How I'd love to live there :heart:.
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