1. Hi All!

    I am eying the Lady Bag in suede...has anyone seen one in person? Or maybe own one? :angel:

    I am curious as to the quality of MG suede...TIA!:biggrin:
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  2. Hi,
    I am also eyeing a mini bucket in suede for the Winter, and would be very eager to hear of anyone who owns one!
  3. I'm also eyeing the Lady bag in Suede... I saw the Calf IRL and while it's nice that it's lined (with a proper slip pocket!) I thought the cotton lining was way too thick and heavy. The Suede looks intriguing but wonder if the bag will lose its shape... Would love to hear thoughts from MG suede owners!
  4. I'm interested as well... I was actually hoping that suede bags would be slouchier than the super structured leather.
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  5. Me too! I may break down and order one this weekend if nothing catches my eye while I'm out shopping. :cool:
  6. I like my suede mini lady bag so far! I have only carried it a couple of times. I made sure to spray it with some protector. It is in the color blush, I do not think the suede protector altered the color, the bag is a pretty deep pink but not at all fuchsia. The lady bag can hold a lot of stuff too, I have included a photo of my mini lady bag, the large vegetable tanned tote, the mini mini bucket, and the mini mini sun bag. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1472933754.385891.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1472933807.279755.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1472933842.897436.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1472933910.279459.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1472934098.479552.jpgImageUploadedByPurseForum1472934145.530074.jpg
  7. Your bag is really beautiful! Love it! I am so tempted now...I am looking at the Rococo color Lady Bag...:p
  8. Thank you! Ooh, the Rococo looks really pretty online. I am so glad I bought the suede bag, and that I overcame my fear of one day getting caught in the rain with it. :biggrin:
  9. The suede lady is gorgeous!! I'm looking at the large sun in suede but debating between the blue, red or black ( only at the mg site unfortunately) I'm just so worried about scuff marks and feel the suede is so much prettier than the leather in the large. Am also debating on the mini sun in blush leather but not sure with the splurge!
  10. I'm thinking of getting the Moon clutch in suede, but since suede is a pretty soft leather, I wonder if that'll just make it awkward for a clutch. The Lady bag looks beautiful in suede though!
  11. I'm interested in a suede mini bucket in chocolate. Has anyone a bag in this colour? How does it look in real life?
  12. All of them look great!!! Now I wanna get a suede lady bag!
  13. I received my blue suede mini lady bag yesterday. Bought in the private NAP sale. I had it on my wishlist for months and think it looks great in pictures. But when I received it I was so disappointed, its already on the way back today. It sags and hangs, does not hold its shape like the veg tanned and it kind of looked like a sack of potatoes even with nothing in it. I added my stuff and gave it a shot but even for the good price I got it for, I know I won't use it. Just not even half as nice in person as it looks in pics I've seen. Clearly the images have been stuffed well, this didn't come with any stuffing at all so was like a flat pancake from the time I opened the box.
    I did get a calf leather tote though so all was not lost.