1. Thx!
  2. Are the insoles normal for Burberry rain boots? Are they likely to be factory seconds?
  3. As far as I know, there are no factory seconds these days - but this is what the soles look like - Burberry embossed on the foot - the size stamp, your insoles even have a serial number on them! And the bottom of the rain boots always look just like that! And these are from that year when hearts were on EVERYTHING. Lucky find.
    I shouldn't ask, but I have to ask, how much were they at the thrift sale?
  4. Only $10, but I'm finding a lot of this style on counterfeit sites from China as well, and they look exactly the same, so really don't know =P
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    I would love to see counterfeit rainboots - see how they look I mean - maybe they are a new edition of fake that I didn't know about. I had some - but sold them because they were too hot on my feet.
    That wobbly line looks BAD - the insole looks good to me - as does the bottom of the boot.

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    Morning Terite,
    I hope your having a lovely weekend. When you have time, can you please take a peek at a scarf? I would appreciate it a lot!

  7. Can you send a closer shot of the label?
  8. Of course :smile:. I hope this helps. Thank you for your time.

  9. The tag and the tassels and the design look good.
  10. Hello,

    Could you authenticate this jacket for me?
    Thanks in advance
  11. Looks good.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Please Help me authenticate this vintage Burberrys bag.

    My Nan gave it to me 15 years ago as a gift. I'd like to know the authenticity , as she's no longer alive for me to ask.

    I've improperly stored the bag for 15 years and has been subjected to the harshest conditions. I just found this bag while cleaning my room and signed up just to verify the authenticity. please help.

    item name:i don't know the item name
    but I will post detailed pics