1. Elliespurse, just want to tell you how thankful I am for you. You do a valuable service here, and I'm so grateful.
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  2. Thank you for your time

    I hope these pictures help.

    Regards IMG_1495098794.539737.jpg IMG_1495098815.840820.jpgIMG_1495098822.874255.jpg
  3. Hi, these pics is a fake bag.
    It's not the same bag as in the listing.
  4. Oh Wow, I mixed the bags and thank you so much. I really appreciate your opinion.

    I wont get near this bag! I'll try to find the pictures of the one that is listed
  5. This is the correct pictures IMG_1495144354.344259.jpgIMG_1495144365.200415.jpgIMG_1495144372.351413.jpg
  6. Thanks for the pics, it's authentic.
  7. Thank you for your time and opinion. I really appreciate it
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  9. Thank you!!!:yahoo:I really appreciate it:hugs:

    Red is my favorite color and it's my first PS1.:hbeat:
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