1. Did you try on any of the earrings? They would match your bracelet and ring quite nicely. I really want to see a reveal of some earrings. Lol
  2. Finally picked these up ️ as my Mother's Day gift, all in RG

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  3. Happy Mother's Day and thanks for sharing your beautiful gifts. Is the pendant 12.75mm?

    Do the balls on the bracelet swing to the bottom side of your wrist?

    I saw these are the boutique yesterday but I didn't try them on as it was busy in there. I think I like this collection better than the T collection.
  4. Thank you!
    Yes the pendant is 12.75mm.

    For the bracelet, it's just a perfect fit for my wrist (maybe only about 0.5 inch space left?), so there is no room to really turn. I slept on it last night and the balls still on top this morning :smile:

    I was considering the T collection too but these remind me of my childhood jewelry. I used to have the ball gold earring as a child, I regret for not keeping it.

    You will like this collection, I was worry that the balls be somewhat hallow, but they are pretty solid.
  5. I totally dig that pendant!
  6. The hardware bangle looks beautiful.
    Is yours the one with the 8m balls or larger 11 m?
  7. They both look lovely on you. I have the same RG ball necklace and trying to choose between the two by-pass Bangles. Is your bangle the 8m or larger 11m?
  8. Thank you! It is the smaller 8 mm size.
  9. Thanks so much!
    The bangle is 8mm :smile:
    Actually I cannot see myself wearing the bangle with 11mm, I already knock this little ones against the wall..luckily they were fine. So yeah I imagine the bigger one will stick out more and prone to more banging.
  10. Thanks so much girls. The 8mm RG by pass bangle looks perfect. My only hesitation is that I don't have any gorgeous Cartier bangles for a stack. Do you think the 8mm bangle would look too delicate on its own?
  11. Not at all! It's a beautiful bangle all on its own. Works well simply on its own and in a stack. If you love it I say go for it.
  12. Just added the sterling silver ball necklace. I love the simplicity and ease of wear. IMG_1495042054.433532.jpg
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  13. The 3 pieces look great! I am loving the hardware range. It is a bit addictive. I have the RG ball necklace and I am getting a bangle once I decide on the size.

  14. So glad I found this thread! I love the bypass bracelet in RG and have been trying to find pictures of it stacked with Love bracelets!
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