1. Thanks for the pics, it suits you very well. You look lovely, don't put yourself down , the colour is great on you.
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  2. Gorgeous lady & I love this bag, it seems to be much more of a useful/workhorse bag than past Mulberry totes.
  3. The bag is lovely, it really suits you and you look lovely too!
  4. Oh it looks great on you!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the info on the weight-once I load a laptop into my Bayswater, I can hardly lift it-and everything else I normally carry fits easily in a Lily.
  5. Thanks ladies for your nice words! 24 Shaz, I agree with you in that it is more useful as a work bag or at least it is for me. Perhaps it is the weight being so much less but yet is is a sturdy bag. Morejunkny, that is why I sold my Bayswater bags because they were much too heavy for me after putting everything into them.
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  6. Izzy, this bag looks fabulous on you! And such a gorgeous colour...

    This is the most tempting tote style that I've seen from Mulberry - glad to see some designs coming through like this and the zipped Bays that are new, but give more than a nod to the pre-Coca era...
  7. The bag looks lovely on you! Do you think it's worth the price tag though? The leather looks quite thin and there could be potentially be similar substitutes.
  8. Thanks Skater. I agree with you as I think I have seen the "nod" to past Mulberry bags. Many of the styles don't do much for me but recently I have seen several I like. Although expensive, I think the bag is worth the cost. Surely it will be in the sale bags by the winter sale.
  9. To begin with, thank you. Someone else asked about the quality of the leather so I compared it to two Gucci bags and one Chloe bag. To my eye I saw relatively little difference in the leather quality and thickness. The Chloe cost over two times more than the Mulberry and both Gucci bags cost over two times the retail of the Mulberry tote. I decided to make the best pictures I could so you could see the comparison. The first picture shows the bags I compared the thickness of the leather. In my opinion, I think they are very close to the same. Of course, I can't say how the leather will wear but I can say the Chloe leather has to be treated frequently and shows scratches. So, in essence, I think the Mulberry was the better value cost wise and I think it is good value for the money. The test of time and wear will tell.

    The pictures are difficult to see but I tried to slip the Mulberry inside the folds of the other bags so the sides could be seen. I doubt it helps at all.
  10. I second modelling photos! Or if possible a wallet for size comparison. The green exterior with that colored interior is to die for. :flowers:
  11. Thank you for the picture. I too can no longer carry a heavy bag and I need a tote with a decent drop on the strap. I'm seriously considering this after your review.
  12. The tote straps work well for me which is a good thing because I am tall and often totes don't have long enough straps. I have tried to be objective about the bag and if you get it I hope you like it. I have carried it this week and carried it fully packed for two days. It is too heavy for me with a lot in it but that simply is due to the amount of things I had in the bag. One reason I did that is to see if it would keep its shape. I also wanted to test the straps to see if they would stretch and they didn't. However, truth be told, only time will tell that.
  13. I love this bag! Classic mulberry DNA and it looks lovely on you. Coca got it right with this. I will be adding to my collection soon enough!
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  14. When you make the purchase be sure to post it so we can see it.
  15. great post thank you Izzy48, can i ask is the internal pocket attached to the inside of the bag in some way?