1. Hey guys, I just bought a small Sofia bag (I live in Los Angeles) but am going to Rome in June.

    Should I return it and buy the same bag in Rome? Will it be cheaper? Are there no taxes in Rome for Ferragamo?

    I bought the small blue Sofia. The Rome store should still have that in stock in June right?

  2. I suggest that you look at the current prices on the SF Italy website so see the price difference. I am not sure about the exact VAT refund, maybe someone else can chime in. But in the Hermès subforum the rule of thumb is that you get a VAT refund of approximately 10% so this should give you an idea.
    However I have no idea if this exact bag you are looking for will be available in June, but the SF is quite big and the selection is phantastic!
  3. Will do, thanks for the advice!