1. I only have the small Love bag and it is quite small. Fits less than I thought (but it is very flexible but I don't want to stretch the bag..).

    This is what it looks like when I wear it (I am 5ft 1in).

    And this is what it fits:
    Power Pack
    iPhone 6
    LV Key pouch
    (i.e. perfect for playing Pokémon GO haha)
  2. Just bought my first love jumbo (and first RM in general) off of Poshmark for $110 + ship. It's supposed to be NWT so we'll see when I get it. It's navy patent.

    I just looked at the love bags for the first time yesterday and I was initially looking at the regular size until I saw the jumbo and realized that is what I wanted. Excited to try it out.
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  3. Here's my new bag. Took some pics. I think it looks good but, as I said, I'm not really familiar with the brand. IMG_1487453462.987073.jpgIMG_1487453486.385633.jpgIMG_1487453500.230039.jpgIMG_1487453530.048488.jpgIMG_1487453577.333792.jpgIMG_1487453610.344825.jpg
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  5. Very cute ! Is that a outside pocket in the third picture?
  6. Yup, it's pretty useful.
  7. My Small Love In Soft Blush :heart:
    This is my second Love, I have a Mini in Magenta.
    Flash and without flash :smile:
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  8. Pretty! Love the color!
  9. Just received my 3rd Love Jumbo in the black geo quilted leather. I love these bags!
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  10. IMG_1489610201.149900.jpg
    Iam IN ladies! Love chevron Black quilted leather with silver hardware
    in Love
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  11. This is not a Chevron it's the Geo!
  12. Did yours come with a dust bag? Mine didn't and RM is saying some styles don't come with dust bags...
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  13. The last 2 I bought did not come with a dust bag. I sent a private message on the RM FB page and they sent 2 of them to me with no problem.

  14. IMG_1495221059.560397.jpg
  15. Does the description on the website say that it comes with a dustbag? I got a similar response a while back and I pointed out that the website states that it should come with one and also posted on their FB page - got my dust bags shipped to me within a week.
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