1. I'm glad Dooney said they think it could be fixed. Good luck. It's so disappointing when something happens to a handbag you love.
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  3. Maybe if I report in on my handbag of the day it will inspire me to use more of my handbags. I'm sorry I can't post pictures, but todays handbag is the Dooney zip zip pebbled leather satchel in Lilac. It's a perfect match to my T shirt. :smile:
  4. Flo logo lock, I haven't carried anything else since I got her.
  5. She's a beauty.
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  6. I just loaded up my Brahmin small Lexington in natural. It's a camel colored pebble satchel. I needed room for a file folder.
  7. It is beautiful! I am finally intrigued enough to consider a Logo Lock now that there is a Florentine version. Very attractive bag!
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  8. My OOTD.......IMG_1495553619.201619.jpg
  9. Love that color. It inspired me to bring out my Dooney sea foam color Saffiano zip zip satchel to wear on Wednesday.
  10. Girl! Bring it out!!!! I love anything mint, sea foam and aqua!!!!! Perfect for spring and summer too!
  11. They are all beautiful colors. I've switched into my geranium pebble zip zip for tomorrow. I need to give more of my handbags some use, so I'm trying to switch them out as often as I can.
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