1. This looks authentic to me.
  2. PLEASE READ!!! These are the suggested requirements for TB authentications:


    1. Do NOT PM me for authentications.

    2. Authentications are only for active TPF members WITH at LEAST 20-25 POSTS
    who contribute widely, not those who primarily use TPF for authentications
    or just joined to get one.

    3. Please click the link for picture requirements - http://goo.gl/1BxFts


    These requirements are not meant to cause a hassle but they are designed to encourage forum participation and discourage people to come to tPF only for authentications.
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  3. thank you sooo much ☺️
  4. Hi everyone, I'm sorry I know I do not have at least 20 posts but I purchased a fleming bag as a gift for mothers day for a considerable amount on eBay and I have just started to take notice of some things that seem off with the bag, the first thing was the logo on the top but I went to Nordstrom and they seemed similar to the bag in terms of how shallow they looked, but then I noticed that on my tag for the bag the font on the "1's" were printed more like an I compared to the tags found on the Nordstrom flemings.
    tory.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender-2.jpg FullSizeRender-5.jpg FullSizeRender-3.jpg tory image.png

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  5. Why do some Amanda hobos have the logo print inside on the interior fabric and some do not.
  6. you need to get to get your post count up and link to the seller. At quick glance this looks like a TaoBao fake.

    depends when the bag was made and if it's outlet or retail. TB changes small design details every season.
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  7. I believe those that do not have print or like the plain canvas are the older styles while the newer ones are with the logo.

    P.S. if u have more questions about TB you can post it in the Tory burch chat thread
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  8. Thank you for your help I wasn't sure as I was looking at a pre-owned Southport tote with the tassel and I noticed some others just had the white plain fabric inside while this one and some others I saw had the white fabric with the Tory Burch embossed inside all throughout. I know with Michael Kors they have special outlet bags that are somewhat different than the original department or store bags so I was thinking maybe that was the case. But my state doesn't have a Tory Burch outlet so I'm not familiar.
  9. Thank you that definitely helps.
  10. Hello, Harlem.. Could you please help me authenticate this tory burch minnie travel flats? I bought it from personal seller / personal shopper. I'm not sure this is authentic.. I'm waiting for your replyIMG_1495629759.302696.jpgIMG_1495629796.603781.jpgIMG_1495629817.631534.jpgIMG_1495629852.882337.jpgIMG_1495629890.718158.jpgIMG_1495629911.688384.jpgIMG_1495629947.556549.jpgIMG_1495629997.738514.jpgIMG_1495630020.192996.jpg