1. I'm considering to buy the Devere bag in soft black leather with GHW (pre-owned). I already have the Tri Fold, and love it to bits, but sometimes it can be too small. What's your experience with the Devere bag, does it fit a lot of stuff?
  2. Im selling clothing and bags in poshmark. But my go to purchases is still eBay!
  3. Rockie or rocco in rose gold hardware??? Still couldnt decide for the last years lol
  4. I use eBay. Tradesy is an option as well, can't say I'm impressed with their customer service but their commission is about the same as eBay.
  5. I usually sell on eBay but used Tradesy for the 1st time to sell my rose gold metallic Rocco. I'd had it on eBay for months and even though I didn't have best offer I just kept getting low ball offers. I finally decided to put it up on tradesy after about a month it finally sold and for more than I had it for on eBay. Added bonus was the buyer didn't like the color in person but rather than having to take a return like on eBay they could resell themselves or return to tradesy for site credit. All in all I was very happy with my 1st tradesy sale and will consider it in the future.
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  6. I wish the Rocco would come in more diverse colors. I have one in oyster and I love it. It the right size for everything.
  7. Does anyone have a decent pic of the Rocco vs rockie? I'm mostly worried about sizing

    I own several Roccos but am worried Rocco might be too small?
  8. Hi Guys saw Rocco and Rockies and diegos at Saks off fifth!
  9. How much were they selling for? :smile: I've had my eye on Rockies for a little while now and am on the lookout for a price to pull the trigger on!
  10. Wow, some of you have a great selection. I visited 2 Off 5th stores a week and a half ago and the AW selection was pretty sad. One store had a backpack and a Diego locked in a display cabinet. The other one had a few Diego's, a little Emile with a mismatched strap, and a Rockie missing the strap. These missing straps must explain all of the nylon straps that we are seeing.
  11. Do you still need comparison pics? I can take one for you :smile:
  12. Alexander Wang VIP Sale just went up online at alexanderwang.com Select Resort/Spring 2017 items on sale. I ordered a Rockie in Soft Black with Pale Gold Hardware for 40% off. I'll post pictures when it arrives. Use code: SPRINGVIP at checkout. Hope this helps!
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  13. Thanks craftybskt, I was waiting for the online sale.
    I've just put my order through using the code. Can't wait for my mini rockie to come!!!