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    I was struggling between the 2 colors, but I decided on the Poudre/Petal color. Both are beautiful and I think I can wear these more everyday than my cage block heels. (The cage block is beautiful also!). Anyway, I decided on the petal as it's a little more neutral than the ivory and can be worn with more things in my wardrobe. (Although I would keep both if money were no object!). I think the petal poudre elongates my leg a little more.

    As for the fit, the reviews said they ran small, but I thought they ran big. I am a size 6.5. and I had ordered a 7 originally. I have narrow feet long toes. It was too big in the toe strap and loose in the heel cup. I tried to put pads and heel pads but it was still loose.

    I then returned it and bought a 6 in ivory as they were sold out in petal/ poudre at all the sites I shop. Then of course 2 days later I get a notice petal poudre is back in stock. Ugh! So I order that in a 6 also! And would make a decision after they arrived.

    I tried both on and liked them both right away! The rockstud hardware is just so gorgeous. If you're thinking about getting them, just get them and try it on as they are selling out pretty fast. You can always return it. Thanks for letting me share!

    IMG_1493995943.077764.jpg IMG_1493995963.558948.jpgIMG_1493995990.612417.jpgIMG_1493996086.054012.jpg
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  2. Love these wedges!! Enjoy :smile:
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  3. I think you made the right choice in terms of colour! They are stunning. I was looking at buying the block-heeled cage sandals. Do you think they are practical for every day wear or do you think the wedges are better? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I wore them for the first time today. As for the block heeled cage sandals,they are just so sparkly and the metallic skin color one is a bit too flashy for my work. But I'm in a more conservative workplace. The wedges have just a bit of bling and I can wear them everyday at work without feeling too conscientious. Maybe if I got the cage ones in a different color like brown it would work everyday.Good Luck with your decision!
  5. Thanks. What about in terms of comfort? Which is more comfortable for every day wear?
  6. Those are cute! I like the browny pick ones!
  7. The wedges are a little more comfortable. the block heel is also more supportive. But I feel I need to add a cushion to it. Walking a few city blocks I was slipping out in the front
  8. Thanks! I was so excited to wear them. They really go with a lot as it's almost neutral in color
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  9. I just got the black espadrilles and they are comfortable and stunning. Both ivory and poudre look good on you, but I feel you made the right choice on ppudre.