1. YES!! Purple for Fall...how appropriate too.
  2. Is that medium and large or small and medium? In my local store, I saw the purple with an even smaller size. So it looks like medium for the taupe and large for the purple to me.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Has been nosying around at Celine/Chanel forums.

    The taupe is a piccolo (small) size whereas the purple is a medio (medium) size. I believe another PFer did a reveal for a purple that was in piccolo size too.

    Here is another bag my room mate just purchased in "winter vachetta". Also a piccolo size.
  4. Is the taupe bag you're talking about the same taupe color that they are currently selling online? TIA
  5. Do you find these bags to be heavy? I can't use heavy bags :sad: mulberry for example, are just too heavy before anything is in them.