1. I got the Louis Vuitton NF DE the GM size and the LV round coin purse.
  2. IMG_1494962754.873093.jpg

    Had a bit of a shopping spree in Vegas last week. The absolute last one was the Delightful, but they were all in a week so.... sharing them all!
  3. Haven't gotten anything in about 8 months so splurged for Mom's Day on a new summer wristlet - the Coach 1941 Tea Rose Clutch in Chalk!

  4. just pre-order these and got 20% off hope they worth the wait 2017-Pashli-Satchel-.jpg Women-shoulder-bags-messenger-bag-.jpg Hot-Sale-2017-New-Fashion-Big-Bag$105.75.jpg
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  5. Just ordered these online. Not the most exciting looking but I just want an everyday office bag.
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  6. My latest purchased last month. M/l size.

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  7. My purchases. Ban island till Christmas20170515_032602.jpeg20170509_110707.jpeg20170504_175755.jpeg20170501_072222.jpeg
  8. Goyard - BellechasseIMG_20170512_125553527.png
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  9. I was busy these last several months and forgot to swing by and share pictures of my latest bags, so here's six bags rolled into one post! (From left to right in photos: Moschino red leather chain strap, Jereremy Scott yellow tote, Les Petite Jouers Leto Pop bag, Alexander Wang Marina Speedo in blue, Philipp Plein "Unfair" pink tote, and the "That's Love" LV canvas tote -- nearly all pre-owned ). IMG_7236.JPG
  10. Lady Dior in lambskin (new size)
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  11. Céline box bag

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  12. My Fendi Ginza Six Limited Edition Selleria Mini Peekaboo!
    I'm in love!
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    My very first BUT not last Rebecca Minkoff Black Love Gunmetal SHW Small Leather quilted crossbody Handbag! :cloud9: (tags still attached! :amuse:) The Lock & Chain links are Solid Shiny silver hardware? Hard to capture due to it being an overcast day. I could smell the leather through the box! :lol: Purchased from their website. I couldn't decide which bag charm? I will have a look later for an LV one! :love: It just means I have to open boxes to find all my bag charms! :heart:

    RM bag use.jpg

    RM bag with fluffy charrm 1.jpg

    RM bag with tassel charm flash.jpg
  14. I have had my eye for awhile on a balenciaga city mini.
    Finally found the one- white metallic edge. Thank you for letting me share!
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  15. [​IMG]
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