1. Hello,

    I am putting this in the Jimmy Choo section because I wanted the opinion of Jimmy Choo heels owners. I own a couple of JC heels and they are the most comfortable heel I've worn and I love them so much.

    Now, I've wanted to buy a simple platform heel and JC doesn't seem to have any simple ones at the moment unless I order a custom shoe. It's about 1000 dollars for that, and I noticed Louboutin has what I am looking for but for a little less money.

    I wanted to ask you all JC heel lovers if it is worth it to pick a Louboutin or if I should just stick to JC? I heard Louboutins aren't that comfortable (the creator himself said his shoes are more for the look and not comfort).

    These were the two louboutins I was looking at:


  2. Bumping this to hopefully get the attention of someone who can answer my question :smile:
  3. I have the Bianca 120mm (lower heel), and they are extremely comfortable! My other Loubs are torture chambers after a few hours of wear. I can't really compare the comfort though...most of my Loubs are styles that squeeze the toes, whereas I only have open-toed Choos.
  4. I have plenty of Loubies and honestly except for my very simple pump, they hurt. I just purchased a pair of JC Romy pumps and they are wonderful (100). The toe box is wider and the heel height is not crazy.

    I also have a lot of JC sandals which I love as well. Now, you have to decide between look and function. I love love love my CL pumps for the looks and wow factor.

    Why didn't JC think of painting the sole???
  5. Hey there....you might have more luck if you asked to have this thread moved to the Shoe subforum. I own a lot of JCs and just one pair of CL. I think JC is far more comfortable. If JC doesn't have the style you want now, I would suggest checking out some other designers. CL has a love red sole, but I dunno...not very comfy.