1. Frances Valentine is "the real" Kate Spade's new brand. I bought two bags from their website. Love them!
  2. I agree that the quality of the Coach bags has gone up but so have the prices....waaaay up! Even their made for factory outlet bag prices have gone up. I used to buy Coach all the time until they brought on Stuart Vevers. I do like some of their bags like the tea rose bags but my mindset is that I just cannot pay that much money for Coach bags when I used to pay $300 - $400 with PCE for a bag from the Madison line. Now Coach bags at the $300 - $400 price point are so blah. The ones I like are now $600-$1000. I really liked Kate Spade sales.....incredible bargains to be had and the styles were always a surprise...they could put a bag from 2 years ago that you missed out on in a present day sale.

    I never really thought of KS as a millennial brand but maybe they are? I have 2 children who are millennials and one is a geek with friends from high income families and the other rather bohemian with more traditional middle class friends. However both their friend groups carry very plain, very small, cross body bags or back packs.....usually the same bag all the time. I couldn't give away a KS or a tea rose Coach bag to their friends, LOL.
  3. I think it is all relative. If I look at a Coach Rogue...about 600 to 1200 depending on the size and embellishments, I'm looking at an all leather QUALITY bag with even exotics on it. If I look at the same size bag of coated canvas with some leather on handles or straps on Louis Vuitton, I'm looking at anywhere from 1400 to three thousand. Many luxury shoppers look at this brand discrepancy, I.e., the increased quality of Coach, and the decreasing quality per the complaints on the blog of cracking, stitching, straps, etc. on LV and see REAL value and beauty in Coach. I tend to agree.
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  4. I happen to love the changes Vevers is trying to make with Coach. I remember back in the early 90s when my mom bought her first drawstring Coach bag. The black leather with the brass hardware was just beautiful. The leather was so buttery soft and yet sturdy enough to last for years and years of everyday use. So I don't mind the increase in price with Coach as long as the quality comes with it. I love that this classic all American brand is making a comeback.
  5. Too bad this classic All American brand is not longer made in USA.
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  6. It is sad that nowadays "made in USA" products are so rare. I wish American based/founded companies such as Coach would bring back full production in America.
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  7. Me too.
    The two made in USA bags I have are... Louis Vuitton.
    Things that make you go hmmmmm
  8. Me too
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