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    The second (monkey) one is $1.49 including free shipping from China!
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  2. There are listings where everything is spelled out specifically yet buyers don't see and read them.

    Nowhere in that listing does it specify that it's the left shoe or that it's only one shoe. (And yes, the picture does show the left but the title and/or description should state that information.)

    ETA: Here's a similar listing from the same seller, presumably for a full pair. Yet the title describes "loafer" (singular) and the picture shows ONLY the left shoe.

    Is it still quite obvious that this listing is also for just one left shoe? Or do we assume based on price that this listing (identical to the other) is for a pair?
  3. First of all, the second listing says NWB which seems odd for a single shoe. It also uses the word shoes in the description. As a buyer who reads the description, I would expect more than one shoe. I may be disappointed but.....

    ETA I see on the pre-owned one, it says shoes, also. But, the NWB makes me think it should be a pair. Who knows anymore?
  4. If they are brand new shoes, I can understand a seller only showing one, but for used shoes, especially ones that are in as bad shape as that one pictured, buyers would need to see both. If the buyer was expecting two shoes and only got one, I wonder if they would win a SNAD.
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  5. Stay away from this Seller!! All Fakes!! Fake Prada (ATPrada thread) & Louis Vuitton items! :nuke:

    chico2009natalya :nono:
  6. Such a shame these scammers! She sure seems to be raking it in for herself. So many walking around with fake bags that they think are authentic.
  7. Has this been posted yet? A Trump Voo-, I mean, ahem, a cheetos chip with needles on it selling for $3 starting bid.

    Screenshots below in case it gets taken down. They claim it's "Handmade."