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    Hi guys.

    Any ideas what model these shoes are?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. This bag is not authentic. I have noticed that many sales associates in many brands often know less than the fans and collectors.
  3. Corey, Jimmy Choo has changed tags. The older interior tags were lilac, and the font very specific. Not sure why sites are saying all interior tags must be lilac, because it it not true. If your bag has a hologram tag, you should also have a card with that same matching number. Not all bags have the hologram. Choo had changed its label and authentication characteristics a few times in the past 10 years, which makes it difficult, especially when there are superfakes out there.
  4. Hello! Can you please help me ID this bag? A friend sent me this pic and I want to know it's name or something I can find it with help of. I checked their website but couldn't find it, have a feeling it is fake! But if there is a model in original I would love to know the name of this :smile:
    Thank you so very much :smile:
  5. Hello! Anyone remember the name of this show? Please and thanks!!!