1. Well my little one just turned 4 months yesterday -- OMG!! He's in the 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight. Big boy!

    We are going on vacation in May but need advice on a travel crib. I don't want to use the hotel cribs because I've heard they aren't checked regularly and could be older models. I do have a pack n play but are there any smaller options? Our pnp is pretty large and I'm afraid it will take up too much space in our car with our luggage and stroller. (We are driving to our destination)
  2. My little sheep will turn 9 months old on Friday.


    Love this boy so much!! ️
  3. just realized I never came back to state my baby girl was born on the 20th of Feb 2015...and is 22 months old now .. cant believe in 2 months she will be 2 years old !!.. where does the time go !!
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  4. Almost 2 years old! IMG_1489950455.617594.jpg
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  5. My LO is 18 months this month -- I can't believe it! We are now getting ready to try for #2. Fertility doc appointment booked for May!
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  6. Wow, time flies! Sofia is nearly 21 months now! We are also starting to think about ttc #2, not sure I am ready yet but just turned 37 so time is ticking. We do have a blasto still frozen so considering a FET in the autumn.
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  7. Oooh!! Good luck!! I'm nearing 15 weeks now with #2!
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  8. Congratulations! We are just ready to try for #2 also. I need to wean DS first though. He is 14 months and I never thought I would still be BF after 12 months, but it is such a bonding time!