1. midnight oil in november
  2. Only ever been to ac/dc
  3. nkotb/paula abdul/boyz II men in may
  4. Elvis Costello. LOVE HIM!
  5. The Mountain Goats when they come to Boston.
  6. Last year I went to go see Blink 182 for the second time. I had not realized that All American Rejects were there and I ended up liking their set better. Got to pretend to be a teenager again for one night lol but this time with beer.
  7. Lambchop , Elbphilharmonie
    I fell asleep...

    Bob Dylan , Barclaycard :whut: Arena
    he sang Sinatra :wtf::no:
  8. Poets of the fall
  9. I'm seeing Muse with Thirty Seconds to Mars in June, Metallica with Avenged Sevenfold in July, and Apocalyptica (playing Metallica on cellos) in September. :cool: