1. Does 54 sound fair for the heart coin purses at the outlet? Bc I saw that they were 25-40 during the Tory burch private sale. Thanks!

  2. I saw it for $45 I believe during the Private Sale!
  3. I called both outlet stores in Texas several times, no answer.....smh
  4. Outlets get really busy over the weekend which is probably why there was no answer
  5. 40% off at outlets with an additional 25% on select styles.
  6. Are there any user or third party websites that provide more details or maintains a database about whats available (product names, style numbers, etc...) at the Tory Burch Outlets? I'm asking because it seems a lot (most?) of the merchandise at outlets is "made for outlet" and no information is available through the offical website.
  7. Be careful to buy from eBay.
  8. :cloud9:
  9. Anyone know if the outlets deliver?
  10. Went to the Wrentham store today. Love the staff there - always friendly and helpful:smile: Most of the store was 30% off, with a few sections at 50%.
    I did some damage. They had the vachetta hand-painted t-tote - and it was love at first sight. It was marked down, and then 30% off. I know I will have to be careful with it, but the tote is gorgeous. I also picked up a Robinson lanyard (also marked down and then an extra 30%.) I am a teacher and my keys are always falling off of my lanyard (drives me crazy) - this looks well made, and it has a small zipper section, which is a bonus.
    They had a large vacation type display and I found a cute neoprene cosmetic pouch - I have a destination wedding in the Caribbean coming up, so this will be perfect.
    I hope you can tell I had fun!
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  11. That is an excuse in my book and bad customer service.