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    I always thought this lady worked in Human Resources and she told me no. She works with. The general counsel. She that human resource has a bad reputation and she doesn't want to associated with them.
  2. f this job, I'm back to school where's my transcripts.
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  3. Seriously, get out of there. Yuck!
  4. Please read your job description again. That is YOUR job, not mine. I don't even have to help you with your job, but I do. Next time, don't be demanding and just be thankful that someone is willing to help you.
  5. Stop being fake, whether it's your voice or your attitude. I'm not there to beg for your service, you're being paid to do your job. If you don't like what you do, quit or go see a therapist.
  6. Stop talking on the phone ALL DAY LONG!! Not everyone wants to hear about your kids, your medical issues, what you did or didn't eat, the weather, and everything under the sun. And I don't want to hear the same story 45 times. Seriously. Then then you complain you can't get any work done?! Think about it!!! I have my own work to do, in sick of doing yours as well.
  7. Anal retentive doesn't even begin to cover it. You know for a company that supports diversity so much you seemed to suck every ounce of it out pretty damn quickly. This is going to be a long 5 years. For the love of God don't be more than 5 years.